After living in Steamboat for almost 5 years and immersing, wholeheartedly, into the dance scene in the Valley, Founder and Artistic Director, Meg Southcott knew there was room for more. 


Meg had created works for Steamboat Dance Theatre's Annual Concert dancers and pushed boundaries artistically of what could be offered in the show. However, Meg experienced limitations in who, what, and how she could explore artistically. 


She craved more. She craved more for Steamboat. 


Forty/106 Dance Project emerged from these limitations.


Forty/106 Dance Project was founded on the principles of dance education, unlimited artistic control and exploration of movement and story, knowledge in movement is power, and advocacy of arts in the community. 


With a small group of dancers willing to develop skills, explore movements styles, and collaborate and create, Forty/106 Dance Project is Steamboat's first contemporary/modern dance company. 


What does Forty/106 mean? 


Forty/106 or rather 40˚ N • 106˚ W are the basic coordinates for Steamboat. The idea was founded in and for Steamboat, so why not let the name reflect its origin?




Forty106 Dance Project strives to dramatically develop and enhance the performers' artistry through dance education and exploration of "self" to achieve full artistic potential. This new venture of dance nurtures dancers' potential and provides a safe environment for exploration.